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The automotive industry plays an important role in the prosperity and competitiveness of our country.

The automotive industry plays an important role in the prosperity and competitiveness of our country. We in the VDA unite the strengths of the industry and lend it a powerful voice, so that together we can meet the mobility requirements of tomorrow.

Unlike any other industrial product, the automobile is the best expression of the art of German engineering. Germany is where the automobile was invented, and this is where it is constantly being reinvented – with an annual 20 billion euros spent on R&D, resulting in more than 3,650 patents each year. In the “Land of Ideas”, it is the automotive sector that employs the most engineers.

We are renowned for our cars at home and abroad, while our manufacturers and suppliers conduct their business all over the globe. Our goal is simply to build the world’s best automobiles. This aim makes our industry especially aware of its responsibility to employees, customers, and partners worldwide, as well as to the environment and to future generations.

Likewise, the VDA shares this awareness of social responsibility. It forms the basis of our actions, in expressing our common viewpoint, and in our discussions with politicians and society.

The German automotive industry builds the most efficient and safest vehicles in the world – a leading position we intend to maintain and expand upon. Our multipronged strategy is based on many different solutions for making mobility even more environmentally friendly, right up to emissionsfree mobility. And our safety strategy is to further reduce the number of road accidents.

A total of more than 785,000 people work in the German automotive industry, at large corporations as well as at the SMEs that are typical of our industry. It is the commitment and skills of these workers that make us a leading industrialized nation. And our famous German engineering will ensure the country remains prosperous and the industry competitive in years to come.

The mobility requirements of the future are as varied as people themselves. Major trends include urbanization, rising mobility in the rapidly growing market economies, further increases in the flow of goods, networking between modes of transport, and new types of utilization – plus the need to make mobility sustainable.


The VDA combines the strengths of the automotive industry and consolidates the manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, vans and buses, the suppliers of parts and accessories, as well as the makers of trailers and bodies. This high degree of networking reflects the strength of the German automotive industry – a model that sets the standard for other automotive nations.

Finally, the IAA (International Motor Show) attracts the entire automotive world to Frankfurt. We are service providers for our customers, and, working together, we ensure the high quality of German vehicles, develop standards, and conduct research. This combined strength not only reinforces us internally, but also in our dealings with the outside world. Lending us a powerful voice, which is equally important for our discussions with policy-makers and society.

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