Economic Policy, Foreign Trade & Customs, SME and Taxation

The Economic Policy, Foreign Trade, SME and Taxation department coordinates location-related issues for the automotive industry at national and international level. One focus is on the suppliers' perspective and the manufacturer-supplier relationship.

Economic Policy & Taxation specialist area

At the national level, the economic policy framework is crucial in order to appropriately support the transformation of industry toward alternative drive systems and to strengthen the automotive industry as one of the most important industrial sectors in Germany. The department supports fundamental industrial policy and strategy issues relating to investment and innovation and coordinates economic policy concerns and developments relevant to the industry at the location.

In the area of corporate taxation, the department is working to overcome the reform standstill of recent years. Structural modernization, legal certainty through acceleration of procedures, intensification of cross-border cooperation between tax authorities and a competitive tax burden determine the location conditions for globally active companies in the automotive industry in Germany and, in particular, for the German parent companies.

Furthermore, the monitoring of the availability of raw materials is located in the department. For a key technology such as battery-electric mobility, materials are used that were previously only used to a limited extent or not at all in the automotive industry. Raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite are new components in the automotive value chain. In order to accompany the change, the VDA is working with its member companies and external cooperation partners on the availability and sustainable procurement of raw materials identified as critical. Regular analyses of the supply and demand situation of individual raw materials are intended to identify potential bottlenecks at an early stage in the sense of strategic raw material management.

The team

Dr. Karoline Kampermann
Head of Economic Policy & Taxation specialist area
Phone: +49 30 897842-270

Janine Meyer
Phone: +49 30 897842-331

Karol W. Bednarek
Student employee raw material availability
Phone: +49 30 897842-404

Jens Lemmer
Phone: +49 30 897842-358

Philipp tho Pesch
Raw material availability
Phone: +49 30 897842-406

Dr. Volker Schott
Economic and Industrial Policy Issues
Phone: +49 30 897842-361

Dr. Karoline Kampermann Head of Department Economic Policy, Foreign Trade & Customs, SME and Taxation

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