Economic Policy, Foreign Trade & Customs, SME and Taxation

The Economic Policy, Foreign Trade, SME and Taxation department coordinates location-related issues for the automotive industry at national and international level. One focus is on the suppliers' perspective and the manufacturer-supplier relationship.

Foreign Trade & International Relations, Customs specialist area

Access to foreign markets is essential for companies in the German automotive industry. More than 70 percent of German passenger car production is sold abroad. Long-term growth is taking place primarily in markets outside the "triad" (Europe, USA and Japan): in Asia, Latin America and other emerging markets with increasing motorization.  With over 2,500 production sites, German manufacturers and suppliers are represented on world markets outside Germany. Production abroad is now twice as high as that on the domestic market.

Trade and investment policy as well as customs and export control issues are of particular importance at a time when many countries are struggling to reduce trade barriers. The VDA is committed to free and rule-based trade, also in order to secure and strengthen Germany and Europe as production locations. The EU must expand its network of trade and investment agreements and take appropriate account of technical developments (electromobility, digitalization, VAF).

Cluster International Association Partnerships Africa & India
With financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the VDA is conducting two association partnerships with partner associations in India and Africa. These are organizationally combined in the "VDA Cluster International Association Partnerships Africa & India" and offer member companies a variety of opportunities for cooperation and contact mediation.

Support for foreign trade fairs and delegation trips
In addition, the "Foreign Trade, Commerce and Customs" department also accompanies and supports VDA members on foreign markets with attractive offers for participation in foreign trade fairs or information and delegation trips to interesting markets.

The team

Angela Mans
Head of Foreign Trade & International Relations, Customs
Phone: +49 30 897842-352

Victoria Backhaus-Jerling
Head of Project Office South Africa VDA-AAAM
Phone: +267 75 968 413

Martha Bracklo
Phone: +49 30 897842-271

Inesa Kachmarchyk
Cluster International Association Partnerships Africa & India
Phone: +49 30 897842-353

Jens Lemmer
Phone: +49 30 897842-358

Marius Ochel
Head of Cluster International Association Partnerships Africa & India
Phone: +49 30 897842-355

Janine Meyer
Phone: +49 30 897842-331

Dr. Karoline Kampermann Head of Department Economic Policy, Foreign Trade & Customs, SME and Taxation

Tel: +49 30 897842-270 Fax: +49 30 897842-604
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