Communication & Media

Our team handles the topics of the day, media inquiries, social media dialogue, events, member information, websites, publications, design, and national and international communications for the IAA.

Press Office

The Press Office team provides the VDA's day-to-day external communications on transport, economic and climate policy, as well as technical and specialist issues. The speakers are the point of contact for all national and international media. They are in close contact with everyone who writes and broadcasts about the automotive industry, the transformation of the sector and sustainable individual mobility, whether in conventional media or online.

Here your press inquiries reach us directly and centrally!


Eva Henkel Speaker

M: +49 160 98167487    

Moritz Krause Speaker, focus on technology and innovation

Tel: +49 175 3260991  

Simon Schütz Speaker, focus on politics and society

M: +49 160 95900967    



Eva Siegfried Speaker

M: +49 171 3675056    
Dr. Lutz Meyer
Dr. Lutz Meyer Head of Communication & Media

Tel: +49 897842-120  
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