Automotive Technologies and

The department Automotive Technologies and Eco-systems coordinates the technical innovation and specialist topics of the industry

Automotive Technologies and Eco-systems – In the service of environment and safety

The automotive industry is facing a fundamental structural change with many challenges. In order to represent the interests of industry accordingly, the department Automotive Technologies and Eco-systems bundles the (technical) innovation and specialist subjects in the VDA. For this purpose, the department works in specialist groups and coordination units. The specialist groups are function-oriented and are responsible for their respective specialist topics along the development process, while the coordination units coordinate innovations holistically and across the VDA and, in addition to technical developments, also look at social, economic, ecological and regulatory trends.

In addition to the subject-related work, the team is responsible for the VDA's technical congress. As the most important technical conference, this is the platform for the exchange of key questions and future-oriented ideas.

The Team

Matthias Krähling
Matthias Krähling Head of Department Automotive Technologies and Eco-systems

Tel: +49 30 897842-420  


Sabrina Brennicke
Tel.: +49 30 897842-281



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