The department coordinates and organizes the IAA and is responsible for OICA calendar consultation.

Exhibition Department

The VDA holds the annual International Motor Show (IAA): IAA is dedicated to passenger cars in odd-numbered years and to commercial vehicles in even-numbered years. The department coordinates and organizes the IAA. It acquires the exhibits, distributes stands and attains building permits for stand construction. Basic questions on the IAA Cars are answered in the VDA-AK "International Motor Show” and those on the IAA Commercial Vehicles in the VDA-AK "IAA Commercial Vehicles”. International trade fair topics are discussed in both committees. The topic of the OICA exhibition committee is the OICA calendar. The position of the German automotive industry is discussed in both VDA committees.

Jan Heckmann
Jan Heckmann Head of Exhibition Department

Tel: +49 30 897842-200  
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