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The department is in charge of legal policy issues of the VDA and provides legal analysis and advice within the association.

Consumer protection │ Fianancial services

The subject area does not comprise a separate "consumer protection law" that would regulate all issues of consumer law. Legal norms that mainly or "incidentally" serve consumer protection objectives exist in a great many individual laws. Often, the objectives of consumer protection also overlap with other objectives. This is because the consumer is considered a "consumer" only in certain social contexts. The same individuals may be exposed to the same hazard in a different context, e.g., as employees. A regulation governing the handling of a certain product can therefore serve both occupational safety and consumer protection, and possibly also environmental protection. As a legal field, consumer protection cannot be clearly delimited.

For the automotive industry, the focus is on the informed and self-determined customer. This applies in particular to contractual relationships that are often established at the dealership, for example in the case of purchase, financing or leasing contracts. Here, the dealership is obliged to provide information and advice regarding the vehicle, but also regarding the financial services brokered. The customer should then be able to drive his vehicle safely, in an environmentally friendly manner and comfortably. Furthermore, the financing of the vehicle should be designed in such a way that the customer can use this form of mobility without restriction.

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