Law & Compliance

The department is in charge of legal policy issues of the VDA and provides legal analysis and advice within the association.

Field law, compliance & analysis of laws

The subject area comprises economic law as the totality of all legal norms and measures under private law, criminal law and public law with which the state influences the legal relationships of those involved in economic life with each other and in relation to the state.  Economic law is the generic term for the law of economic transactions as well as the legal basis of economic policy. Specifically, economic law includes economic constitutional law, economic administrative law, private economic law and economic criminal law. At the international level, the economy is regulated by international economic law.

Of particular importance is the data protection law reformed by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), which the members of the VDA are implementing for their companies and also for motor vehicles, whose digital services and networking are leading to increased data collection and processing. Here, it is necessary to develop the appropriate framework conditions in national and EU data protection law for the very innovatively developing technology. To this end, the VDA is also in ongoing contact with the data protection authorities of the federal and state governments.

In the above mentioned legal areas, the VDA accompanies the legislation, analyzes the corresponding proposals of laws, regulations and directives, especially in Germany and the EU. In coordination with the members, statements are developed and made available to the politically acting institutions.


The Team

Dr. Ralf Scheibach
Head of field law, compliance & analysis of laws
Tel.: +49 30 897 842 - 260

Dr. Viola Gomoll
Tel.: +49 30 897 842 - 263

Dr. Ralf Scheibach
Dr. Ralf Scheibach Leiter Abteilung Recht und Finanzdienstleistungen

Tel: +49 30 897842-260  
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