Standardization, Standards and Regulations

The department Standardization, Standards and Regulations is coordinating the standardization work inside VDA and is also hosting the Standards Committee Automotive at DIN.

Principles of Standardization

Standardization takes place on different levels (national - DIN, European - CEN, international - ISO). In the following, the process for developing a DIN standard is presented on behalf of all other standards. The process starts with a standardization proposal, which can be made by anyone. This will be forwarded to the appropriate committee for consideration and processing upon receipt.

Timeliness of standards

DIN standards shall be checked after 5 years if they are still up-to-date, in terms of the existing basic standards and the standards quoted in their latest. As a result, the standard can be confirmed, revised or withdrawn. The time frame and the prescribed procedure differ according to the organization for standardization.

Legally binding of standards

The application of standards is not mandatory and standards are not legally binding alone. They will get a binding status when they become part of contracts or laws relating to standards. In addition, standards will also be accepted by courts as a reference of the current state of the art for judging.

National Standardization Work of the Automotive Standards Working Group (NAAutomobil)

The standardization work is carried out in committees of NAAutomobil by experts of the vehicle manufacturers, trailer manufacturers, supply industries as well as inspection authorities, associations and science participate. . In consideration of the DIN guidelines for committees in standardization, any interested expert can participate in the NAAutomobil committees.

The content of the standards will be developed through the active work in the committees from the experts of industry, science and research. These committees are responsible for developing of new national, European and international standards as well as for updating of existing standards in the field of the automotive industry.

Advantage of the participation in the active work of NAAutomobil

- active influence on the contents of standards for tests and requirements

- contacts with colleagues in relation to the same specialization or field of interests and also to competitors on technical neutral basis, which can be also used for the initiation of business relations

- possibility for successful establishment of technologies and innovations

Standardization process

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