Promoting young talent

Training and job opportunities in the automotive industry

What other event besides the world's largest mobility trade fair would offer a greater opportunity for obtaining information about the training and job possibilities in the automotive industry?

The VDA organizes special information programs for students at every IAA to give them an idea about the opportunities for internships, training programs and dual university and doctoral programs. In this regard, no one will miss out on the fun and enthusiasm and especially the personal contacts to companies that can be made at the trade fair.

The “goING” initiative held from September 16 to 20, 2013 invited schoolchildren in senior classes to visit the International Motor Show. For the seventh time, the information event organized by the VDA offered schoolchildren the opportunity to come to IAA and find out about the job activities and career opportunities for engineers in the automotive industry. Interesting papers and a tour of the Frankfurt exhibition center provided first insights into the work of an engineer. On the stands, representatives of manufacturers and components companies reported on everyday practice and answered questions about the career choice. Professors and young engineers were also available to answer questions. This event attracted 1,500 schoolchildren from schools across the country in 2013. With its subject matter of study and career, “goING” is a unique campaign within the global automotive industry.

“workING” – the tailor-made IAA workshop for students – offers engineering students the opportunity to talk to company representatives from technical and personnel departments, thereby gaining specific insights into the diverse world of work in the automotive industry. The workING program thus concentrated on papers presented by practical experts. Various engineering disciplines were presented. As well as vehicle technology, there was also coverage for other career paths in the industry. Furthermore, the students obtained an overview of various entry programs and possibilities of cooperation in the form of Bachelor‘s and Master‘s papers. Following the presentations, the participants had the opportunity to take a tour of the exhibition halls.

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