Automotive Industry and Markets


The automotive industry has to expect impacts on its production due to the spread of the coronavirus. At the same time, many companies in the supply chain have expressed a desire for more information and coordination. The VDA has therefore set up an internal taskforce to bundle the available knowledge and information in the industry and simultaneously to ensure that questions from the members can be answered promptly and objectively. The VDA is also the voice of the industry in contacts with policy-makers, the authorities and the public.

Information about pandemic plans

This page shows links to the websites of other providers to enable access to information about dealing with the coronavirus. If you follow the references and links, you leave the VDA’s website. The VDA accepts no responsibility or liability for the correctness of information provided on the websites of third parties, and neither does it necessarily share any opinions publicized there.

Robert Koch Institute: Additional corona-specific information for the National Pandemic Plan

The Robert Koch Institute has published a “Supplement to the National Pandemic Plan – COVID-19 – novel coronavirus disease” (“Ergänzung zum Nationalen Pandemieplan – COVID-19 – neuartige Coronaviruserkrankung”) containing specific recommendations and measures for combating COVID-19 in Germany. The contents are based on the findings concerning cases of disease (COVID-19) with infection by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) from the data as indicated.

Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BKK): manual of corporate planning for a pandemic

The Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance has published its manual of corporate planning for a pandemic (“Handbuch Betriebliche Pandemieplanung”) on its website. It aims to help interested companies. The manual is not a pandemic plan. It is intended to advise firms that want to draw up their own pandemic plan. The great variety of sectors, products and services, customers and suppliers, plus corporate structures and sizes, demands individual plans in each case. The manual therefore functions as a guide with checklists containing as many points as possible that a company should consider when drawing up its plans. The manual can be downloaded from the BBK’s internet pages (in German).

Sebastian Brunkow Coordination and Management of the Corona Taskforce

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