Automotive Industry and Markets


The automotive industry has to expect impacts on its production due to the spread of the coronavirus. At the same time, many companies in the supply chain have expressed a desire for more information and coordination. The VDA has therefore set up an internal taskforce to bundle the available knowledge and information in the industry and simultaneously to ensure that questions from the members can be answered promptly and objectively. The VDA is also the voice of the industry in contacts with policy-makers, the authorities and the public.

VDA Recommendation: Infection Prevention in Production, Logistics and Administration

The present recommendations on infection prevention in production, logistics and administration are based on consultations and "lessons learned" from the member companies in the VDA Production Committee. These recommendations are intended to assist the internal implementation of protective measures and concretize the "SARS-CoV2 Occupational Safety Standards" (as of April 2020) of the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs using the automotive industry as an example.


Sebastian Brunkow Coordination and Management of the Corona Taskforce

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