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Here you will find recent news regarding the effects of COVID-19 on the automotive industry.

Border controls continue to generate traffic queues – Freight traffic must be safeguarded

Berlin, March 22, 2020.

Although the situation eased off at the border crossings between Germany and neighboring countries on Saturday, according to the European Commission there are still problems and long queues at many border crossings. For this reason, according to VDA President Hildegard Müller, after border crossing points are closed it is necessary to continue working on maintaining the smoothest possible international freight traffic. She stressed, “However effective the border controls may be, goods transport between the countries must be safeguarded so that shortages do not develop. This requires a unified EU-wide approach. At present there are still considerable problems at the borders in some places.”

The underlying cause is the decision by the EU Member States to introduce temporary controls at some national borders within the single market to combat the corona crisis, which has led to traffic queues backing up for several kilometers in places.

Furthermore, Hildegard Müller emphasized, it was crucial that commuters should be able to cross borders, adding: “Passengers must be able to travel, so that cross-border commuters can still get to work. That is essential if companies are to continue producing during this time of crisis. In freight transport, it must be possible not only for vehicles but also the drivers to cross the borders and not be prevented from doing so by quarantine rules.


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