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Here you will find recent news regarding the effects of COVID-19 on the automotive industry.

Tax relief does not go far enough – Call for deferral of wage tax

Berlin, March 22, 2020.

The German Government wishes to limit the damage to companies resulting from the corona crisis to the minimum by introducing tax-related measures such as deferrals, simplified procedures, and reduced advance payments. “The automotive industry welcomes the measures introduced by the German Government,” says VDA President Hildegard Müller. “However, we are calling for further action. Deferring wage tax is not one of the measures currently on the cards. The Government should improve this situation. In many cases, deferral of value-added tax does not bring very much relief for export-oriented companies as most of them would be receiving reimbursements,” says the VDA president. VAT is reimbursed when goods are exported to third countries.

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