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Foreign Trade

Access to foreign markets is essential for companies in the automotive industry. Apart from the US market, growth mostly took place in the markets outside the triad countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and other threshold countries with rising levels of motorization.

develoPPP – Development partnerships with the private sector

This program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development deals with partnerships between the European private sector and German public authorities. The projects combine business objectives with developmental impacts. PPP-projects are provided by various German institutions. Regular competitions are advertised, in which companies may participate with bids. The grant can be up to 200,000 Euros. There is also the possibility for companies to contribute their own suggestions for project topics. The following entry criteria have to be considered:

  • Project should go beyond the immediate business benefits and also contribute to the positive development of the partner country,
  • should have in the partner countries a structure-building and broad impact,
  • should not be required by law,
  • cannot be realized without public contribution, and
  • have not yet begun
  • one or more companies should participate, or a combination of companies and associations/NGOs is possible
  • at least 50% of the project costs should be covered by the private partner(s).

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